I love anime. I love all kinds of anime. Shoujo, shounen, romance, magical girl, giant robot, time travel, alternate universe, sports… I’m willing to give anything a try.

The specific point of this blog is for me to review anime. My intention is to watch a minimum of 5 episodes of a new anime every week and give my opinions on them. Now that number isn’t immutable, if I have time and drive I may watch more than 5 episodes or I may watch 5 episodes from more than one show in a single week. 5 episodes per week is my minimum goal.

The trick is I don’t want to have any control over what I watch. You read that right. Maybe I’ll never have any readers and I’ll always just be telling myself what I think, but the goal is to have readers and to have you readers choose my series. So, if you want to know my thoughts on a series, or even if you don’t care about my thoughts and just feel I have to watch XYZ series, leave a comment with the suggestion.
I will keep a running (first come first serve) list of everything ever suggested to me and just work my way down.
Of course, until there are readers who are willing to give me suggestions I’ll just be choosing my own choices.

Additional rules and notes:
1) I will use a series for my weekly review only once. However, if I enjoy the first five episodes I may finish the series and post a completed series review in addition to my weekly review.
2) I will not review porn. Don’t suggest it. If you do suggest it and you trick me into watching it, I still won’t review it. More to the point anyone who suggests porn will not be allowed to make suggestions anymore (that is, you can make them all you want but I’m not watching or reviewing them).
3) I am willing to review series I have already seen, I will even re-watch the first 5 episodes for that week to make sure it’s fresh in my memory. So if you’re wondering if I’ve seen it, it really doesn’t matter (thought it might make a more complete review).
4) I own a fair amount of anime, but I don’t own everything. I will not review a series if I cannot watch it. I have some streaming sites bookmarked and I will always make an effort to find a series but I cannot gaurantee I’ll be able to find and watch every series. I will make a note in new posts if I was unable to find a series to watch.
5) For the most part 5 episodes isn’t likely to contain any spoilers to get in arms about, however if there is something to spoil or I’m doing a more complete review I will try to keep spoilers hidden from the general view . Example: This is what spoilers will look like. End example.
6) I don’t like dubs. There are very few exceptions to this statement. I will state at the beginning of each post what language I watched the episodes in but it will almost always be Japanese.

I will try to get posts up on Friday and will post no later than Sunday.


Upon suggestion I have begun including a 10 point scale to score each series. Below is a technical breakdown of what each score means to me:

1 – I despise it with a burning passion and warn others to stay away.

2 – I don’t like the series and don’t recommend it.

3 – I dislike the series, whether you watch is up to you.

4 – I don’t particularly enjoy the series, but I feel that others may enjoy it.

5 – I feel completely neutral toward the series.

6 – I sort of like it a little, but I’m not sure I’d recommend it.

7 – I like the series but it might just be me.

8 – I like the series and would recommend it without reservation.

9 – I really like the series and would definitely recommend it.

10 – I absolutely love the series, go watch it.


Additionally while I have no idea what the name of the font I was using through the Tiger & Bunny review was, afterwards I will be using a font called Ki Comic created by Masklin8 on Deviantart. The link is here: Ki Comic


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  1. question buchou-sama… if possible (since you’re more “plugged in” than i am ;P) could you an eye out for a possible anime based off of “vinland saga”. it would be hard to miss… hacky slashy vikings typically are.

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