Temporary Lull

If any of you out there are checking this at all regularly you may have noticed that I have missed three weeks of updating. I apologize for this, but I’m afraid I can’t make any promises for improvement just yet. See, I missed the first week because I was on vacation and didn’t have a lot of time or really a great computer for watching five episodes on and I failed to get 2-3 weeks of updates done in one week beforehand. But when I came back from vacation and booted up my desktop – my sturdy, hardlined, dependable computer – it started coughing and wheezing and doing strange things. I don’t know anything about computers and therefore cannot diagnose Gigabob (that’s what we named it so we could network it). My husband says he thinks it’s something wrong inside and he’ll look at it but he’s a busy man and he hasn’t gotten to it yet. Until then I have the computer I am typing this up on only. For reference this is my laptop. It’s a hand-me-down I got when my mother upgraded to something that could run Oblivion, it can’t run anything higher than Windows XP and it has an internal wi-fi that is extremely finicky. I cannot watch anime on this computer and I will probably have to fight with it like crazy to do a proper update after watching a dvd or something on Netflix.

So I apoligize again for those of you who might actually care, I wish I could give you a concrete time to expect a revival but it is what it is. Just know that I haven’t abandoned the blog, I’m just having some hardware issues.


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