Full Review: Sukisho

First of all apologies for being late this week. Second, this is another full review without a 5 episode preceding it. Lastly, fair warning for all you fine folks out there, Sukisho is a shounen-ai/yoai/boy’s love anime. If you dislike this sort of thing, do not feel obligated to read the review or watch the series.

Quick & Dirty

Language: Japanese

Initial Interest: High

Favorite Character: Sora/Yoru

Opinion: Awesome


After falling out of a 4th story window, Hashiba Sora has lost his memory. He returns to his school to find a new roommate in his dormitory. Sora gradually begins to fall in love with his new male roommate, while trying to put together pieces of his past.

(Source: AnimeNewsNetwork)

Pre-Viewing Thoughts

There’s a story that goes along with my introduction to Sukisho and I’m going to tell it regardless of relevance, feel free to skip to the next paragraph. There is a store near-ish my house that buys/sells/trades music, movies, games, and electronics. They have a section reserved for box sets that I scan whenever I visit to look for cheap anime. One day while doing this very thing I ran across Sukisho. The cover art caught my attention and I read the back of the box and it sounded interesting. The price tag said $4.99. I bought it. I’ve bought series I liked less for a lot more so to me a $5 series that sounded interesting was worth the risk. I watched it, it was awesome.

I watched this anime when I bought it which may have been more than a year ago now, hard to say. Then around the end of December I showed it to one of my good friends who I felt  could appreciate it as much as I did. She was the one who said that I should review it for Valentine’s Day, which I had to agree was a stroke of genius. Sadly it is now the day after Valentine’s Day, but close enough to still be fun.

Favorite Character

I say Sora/Yoru is my favorite character. For those of you who have never seen thing, and I’m willing to bet that’s most of you, Sora and Yoru have a Yugi/Yami thing going on. They inhabit the same body but have completely different personalities. Sora is kind of fluffy and cute (though not nearly as squishy as Yugi overall) and Yoru seems a little devious and dangerous. I do know what the deal is with the pair but I’m not going to spoil it. Yoru’s not a thousand year old pharaoh possessing  Sora thought, if you were wondering.

Overall Opinion

I once read a statement in which someone claimed that Char (from Mobile Suit Gundam) was “the gayest gay that ever gayed”. I hate Amuro and therefore find Mobile Suit Gundam fairly unwatchable, so I can’t speak to the gayness Char may or may not posess… What I can say without a doubt is that the person saying that never say Sukisho. This series is, without question, the gayest gay that ever gayed. Just so we’re clear, this statement is not meant to be offensive, if you watch the series you’ll have to agree, trust me. Or just let me explain a little.

Sukisho is actually the abridged title. The full title is Suki na mono ga suki dakara, shouganai yo. Which roughly translates to “I like what I like, so there” according to the series subtitles and “I like what I like, so there’s nothing I can do” according to me. In this series everyone is gay. You think that’s an exaggeration, and you’re right, but only just. Sora, Sunao, Ichikawa, Minato, and Nanami are all gay and Kai Nagase is in the last episode. There are like 15 characters total in this series, 5-6 of which are gay. Now, that’s not a majority by a longshot but most of the others are kids, barely in it, or the series just doesn’t explore their sexuality. Of the gay characters, one is not really main cast and of the not necessarily gay characters one is really main cast. And there are no straight relationships anywhere…except their one friend’s dad is apparently getting remarried and I think they imply it’s a woman, but these people do not appear onscreen. Are you convinced yet? Let’s move on to the review.

What they did well: There’s actually a really interesting plot mixed in with the insanity that is Sukisho and it’s interesting getting it all worked out. The characters are fun to watch as well. Some of this series was ridiculously over the top but it was still fun anyway. Also, I’ve heard some people complain that while there are countless stories/series/media where everyone is straight (which isn’t realistic even if some of you may want it to be) there isn’t really any where everyone is gay, so this one’s for them.

What they didn’t do well: This series has some glaring why the face moments* that cannot be overcome by a rational mind. First of all, Sora starts out in what I termed “The Gay Academy for Mascular** Males”. There are gay people left and right, including the two people who raised him, but he seems genuinely shocked anytime anybody talks about being gay (like in the first episode Ichikawa announces “I like Kai senpai!” and Sora spends around three episodes trying to ask him what he means by “like”). He reacts to his feelings for Sunao as you might expect a normal teenage boy to react except that saying things like “even though we’re both guys” and “is it okay” seems ridiculous in a world where the only relationships we see are homosexual. Then we have the end stuff where we find out what happened with Sora and Sunao as kids, while running away from the evil laboratory Sunao trips and twists his ankle, Minato and Nanami scoop up Sora but Sunao is left behind. We get three versions of this with varying levels of horrible mind screw but in all of them one thing is consistent, they had plenty of time to pick up both kids, why the hell didn’t they? And where are the cops? Really where are any emergency services? The basis for the actual plot part of this series is horribly illegal on every level but the characters who are being impacted by it don’t ever say anything about ‘we talked to the cops but…’, they just do it themselves. Near the end we light a building on fire but there’s no indication anybody is going to come to put it out. Also, not everyone likes the gay.

Overall I love this series. It’s priceless really and I picked it up for 5 bucks on a whim. If you don’t mind the gay, and you like some silly, I would recommend this series wholeheartedly.

Next Official Review: Undetermined.

*Why the face – it’s a joke I picked up from the series Modern Family, the dad thinks he’s hip to the texting lingo and says “WTF – why the face”. I’m willing to swear on here from time to time, but the f-word seems a bit much for an uncontrolled and anonymous audience so there it is.

**Mascular – a homosexual male. One of my friends and I were discussing something at some point and we hit upon the fact that while the word lesbian means a homosexual female, there isn’t actually a word in our language for a homosexual male. Gay is used most often but it actually applies to both male and female homosexuals. Therefore we came up with the word ‘mascular’. The specific reasons for that particular word aren’t really important, but I’m still trying to get other people to use it. Spread the word internet people, spread the word.



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2 responses to “Full Review: Sukisho

  1. OMGS!!! I totally did not know you actually took my advice on when to post this… i lurves u!!! ^_^

  2. Justin

    I loved this series. Of all the short miniskirts and female exploitation that go on all the time in standard anime this show was a refresher. I would even say inventive with the concept of showing only male characters as it hasn’t really been done before in anime.
    Its really disgusting how i read reviews on this show and people give it a bad review because it depicts male homosexuality, and yet they are totally fine with lesbian content. So hypocritical

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