Gunslinger Girl

Remember, the invisible words are spoilers.

Quick & Dirty
Language: Japanese
Initial Interest: High
Favorite Character: Jose?
Opinion: I have no idea
Likely to Finish: Maybe

“Henrietta” was an innocent little girl when her entire family was massacred and she was left for dead. She was rescued by a privately-owned social welfare organization and given cybernetic components over her battered body. Brainwashed by the organization, she and four other girls now work as cold-blooded assassins, doing the dirty work for the Italian government. (Source: Anime News Network)

Pre-Viewing Thoughts
This one wasn’t really on my radar until I saw the last few minutes of an episode at an anime convention. It really piqued my interest from a very small amount of scree time so I made a mental note of it. Somehow, though that was well over 5 years ago, I still haven’t watched it. I alwasy seem to forget it and when I do remember that I want to se it I don’t have the time just then. So when thinking about what series might be interesting to watch this week, since no one is suggesting anything, I suddenly remembered it (or rather Netflix told me it was on streaming) and I made the decision to actually watch it, at last.

I’m interested in this one because the basic story idea sets the stage for some really complicated and interesting characters as well as character interactions. When I watched those few minutes there was a guy with a little girl I presume now to be Henrietta…something about the way he acted with her, not exactly kind and loving, but not really the kind of cold you’d expect from the man sending her off to murder, made me wonder what his relationship with her was. How did he feel about her? Was he feeling fatherly and desperately trying to squash it for the sake of his job? Was I just reading it wrong from so little context? I wanted to know. So here goes notheing. Either it will be good, or I’ll have been wondering about it for no reason at all.

Favorite Character
I put Jose up there, not because I’m particularly fond of Jose, but because he comes just slightly ahead of most of the cast. Jose is Henrietta’s partner, the guy I was speculating about above. He does seem to really care about her, but he’s still trying to do his job. If you didn’t read the basic synopsis I’ll let you in on a secret – Jose’s job is to be a horrible human being doing horrible things to little girls. I can’t respect him. But when it comes down to it, eveyrone else in this series has very little personality, very little screen time, and is also a horrible human being in some way.

I almost said Rico on this. I liked Rico for the one episode she got to shine. But Rico got a crush on a boy and from the moment she met him I was certain he was a dead man. They ruined Rico for me because at the end of her episode she shot him wihtout hesitation. Sure we didn’t see it happen, just the lead in, but we know. So I couldn’t really like her anymore.
Here’s what I can say in the grand scheme of the character I liked best – I want Jean to die a horrible bloody death before the series ends. If you’ve seen all of Gunslinger Girl, and he does, please feel free to tell me.

Overall Opinion
I have no idea. The whole premis of the series is horrible. Here are a group of adults who work for the government getting paid to take little girls, cybernetically enhance thier bodies, screw up their brains, and make them kill people. Henreitta was present when some crazies killed her entire family and if the subtitles on the first episode weren’t completely wrong and I understood them correctly, she was raped for 2 days. Jose, feeling pity on the poor girl, decides to make her an assass. Well at least she doesn’t remember the before part – you know, the murder and rape bit – because if she did this would just be sick.
All that being said I know I’ll keep thinking about htis series until the day I finish it…or find that moment in it that makes it completely in Death Note when they killed L and they replaced him with Annoying 1 and Annoying 2, er…Mello and Near. I’ll always wonder if those girls got even the semblance of a happy ending… and how many of them die by the end of the series. Theres a series 2, which had a picture on the site I was looking at that I glanced at briefly. I know Henrietta will make ti though, but hwo knows about the others – I certainly don’t hold much hope for Rico.
I won’t recommend this series. I recommend staying far away from it. You’ll spend the entire time trying to convince yourself that tis coulnd’t happen in real life and if you fail it will kill a little piece of your soul. Seriously. And if you like it…uh…sorry…

Next Official Review: Please give me a suggestions, I’m begging you!
Husband says we’ll do Gundam 00 if nobody suggests. Here’s your chance, if you don’t want another Gundam series, suggest now!


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